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The USSA and the USSA PRO-STAR SERIES  have formulated the  World Cup rules , World Cup class, and its conduct. The World Cup class will be Pro-Champ legal sleds.

Submission of Entry:
Entrance into the World Cup event is by submission of an entry fee. USSA has the right to refuse to accept any entry at any time. No one is allowed to enter once the “time trial” process starts.


The event is conducted under a  mathematical format and is administrated solely by  USSA Pro-Star, and USSA Pro-Star Series and its agents. Qualifying process is by time trial and may consist of as little as one lap, to as many as three laps on the oval track during a timed run.

USSA And the Pro Star Series solely determines the actual method of timing.

The grooming of the track during the qualifying process is at the discretion of USSA.

Qualifiers are entered in the qualifying portion of the event, positioning on the actual race starting grid will be determined by qualifying time. If a competitor does not post a qualifying time, the competitor will be arbitrarily placed in a respective heat in showing a “non-qualifying” status. Competitors who start but fail to complete the time trial qualifying process will be placed into the heats in advance of competitors who did not start the qualifying process at all.

The  World Cup event is then conducted with qualified competitors.

Race Elimination:
Mandatory starting positions in all Heats, Quarters Finals and Semis Finals, and Feature (World Cup) will be determined by the time trials. No exceptions.

The competitors are placed in a prescribed format and race a series of heats, Quarter Finals, Semifinals, and consolations to qualify for the actual World Cup  event.

Each competitor must take a green flag start in each event in which he/she appears on the grid. Failure to take a start from the start/ finish line will result in elimination from the qualifying process. Competitors must present both operator and machine to the starting line in running order. Inoperable machines will not be allowed to be pushed, towed, or conveyed to the line by any other means.

Machines that start a race are allowed to complete that race aided only by the driver.

Depending on finishing order a predetermined number of drivers will move directly into the Semi finals. All others will move into the Quarter Finals.

Quarter Finals:
Depending on finishing order, a predetermined number of drivers will advance to the Semi Finals.

Semi Finals:
A mathematical process places racers who qualify from the Heats and Quarter Finals into the Semi Final events. USSA officials will notify the competitors of grid placement and will require the competitor to be ready to race when called to the line. The top three racers by order of finish who compete in the first three Semi Final events will be placed into the WORLD CUP event. This now sets the front row for the final(Top 9).

A  B-Main or Consolation event will then be run to determine the following additional competitors. Up to 10 competitors will then run the Consolation event and the top three (3) finishers will then be added to the CUP in this order. First place will fill the front row.

Second place has choice of inside or outside spot-on designated back row starting line.

Third place will then line up in the remaining back row starting position.

The World Cup  race is then competed with 10 machines starting on the first row, and two machines starting on the second row. In the event of a penalty for various infractions during the elimination process, additional machines may be required to forfeit their first row starting position, and assume a second-row start. In the event of this happening, the front row will start with less than 10 machines and the position will not be filled by a Consolation event competitor

Laps   USSA will determine the number of laps and will notify competitors 15 days before the event.

Safety Inspection:
Prior to the  Time Trial portion of the event all competitors must present their race machines for Pre-Race Safety inspection. The driver must also present personal safety equipment as requested.

Technical Inspection:
Fuel inspections and tests may be performed at any time during the event. Weight inspections and verification may be done at any time during the event. The  technical inspection after the event  will be for the top three finishers only.