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Tech Announcements

Pro Champ 440 and Pro Lite Teams: Ski Deflector Clarification

In a June 10, 2022 post, the USSA ProStar Series made the following statement: “Attention USSA Pro Champ and Pro Lite drivers. We will be requiring this ice dust deflector to be installed on the outside ski for ALL USSA Pro Champ and Pro Lite heats, lcqs, and finals. It is optional for the inside ski but will be mandatory for the outside. The deflector is available at Wahl Brothers Racing, part number 03-072. Please direct any questions to Justin in tech or race director Bob Richardson.” The statement included pictures of the ski with the snow deflector, see below.

After more consultation with ISR regarding the snow/ice deflector, Race Director Bob Richardson and board member Jerry Korinek have released the following statement: “The snow deflector on the outside ski is included under a TEST provision with ISR. It will be mandatory in the Pro Champ 440 and Pro Lite divisions racing at USSA sanctioned races this coming season. The reason for the mandatory clause is to gather competent data with all sleds racing under the same conditions. If only ½ the field uses the deflector, we will not know the true benefit of the deflector. We need credible data and credible visual analysis to determine if this part works towards the goal of overall racing safety.”

If results are positive, it can be anticipated that deflectors will be required in all classes after this test season. Please contact Bob or Jerry with any questions.