ISR Insurance

All Drivers and Hot Pit crew are required to purchase ISR membership/insurance. This is the Excess Medical Policy that will provide up to $25,000.00 in excess coverage for members. (Subject to deductibles)

Drivers and crew must show their hard card during the registration process at each event. Please go to ISRLICENSE.COM for details and on-line application.

Drivers and Crew who only attend one USSA event have an alternate one event insurance policy but be aware that the benefit is only $3000.00 and is subject to a deductible.

The annual policy is good at any ISR Event in any ISR discipline, so coverage extends to all snowmobile races in the US.

For Canadian participation contact ISR at for details and requirements for international coverage.

There is also an extended coverage policy available for Crew, Drivers and Staff that desire more coverage. Please contact for details.