Entry Fees

All prices shown are the total cost to the racer (entry fee and administrative fee are combined). We would like to thank 365 Power Sports for sponsoring the Junior & Youth classes.  Those classes will only have the $15 admin fee, the sponsor is paying the entry fee. A $30 Late Fee will be assessed to each entry that is late, regardless of how many entries a competitor has applied for.

Ovals Cost
F-440 Fan$50
F-500 Sport$25
F-500 / Sportsman 600$50
F-500 Women$50
Pro Formula III$125
Sportsman 600$50
Pro Lite$75
Pro Outlaw$125
Pro Champ 440$125
Champ ProStar Cup$125
Juniors Cost
Junior I Stock$15
Junior II Stock$15
Junior I F-500$15
Junior II F-500$15
Junior I Sprint$15
Junior II Sprint$15
Youth Cost
Semi Pro 206$15
Pro 206$15
200 Stock$15
200 Improved$15