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2022-2023 USSA ProStar Series Season Agreement

The USSA ProStar Series is proud to operate and administer North America’s highest level of ice oval snowmobile racing. The following agreement will provide standards and expectations drivers, crew members, and teams will be held accountable for during the race season. This USSA ProStar Series approved document will also define certain parameters within which the Series will operate.

Section 1:            Tour and Race Structure

Section 2:            Race Rules & Tech Inspections

Section 3:            Social Media Guidelines

Section 4:            Driver and Crew Conduct

Section 1:      Race Structure

  • For all heat races, drivers will be randomly selected and listed on the race order of the day. The first driver listed will approach the starting line first and pick his/her spot on the line. The second driver listed MUST pull up to either the immediate right or left of the first driver with no obvious gaps in spacing. The 3rd and subsequent drivers will follow the same procedure until the heat starting line is complete.
  • Heat race points are awarded as follows: 1 point for first, 2 for second, 3 for third, etc. To qualify for points, a driver must take the green flag. DNFs will be scored in the race order. DNS is pointed the number of drivers in the heat plus 1. Drivers black-flagged for mechanical infractions are scored as a DNF at the moment the flag is presented.  Drivers black-flagged for driving infractions are scored 20 points.
  • Points will be awarded from the official results of the USSA sanctioning body.
  • The final qualifying race order will be based on an accumulation of heat race points, with the lowest number of points being the top qualifier. The top 8 or 10 drivers (based on the venue) automatically qualify for the front row of the final. The remaining drivers will fill in the back row.
  • Drivers will line up for the final in the same manner as the heats with the #1 qualifier picking his/her spot on the line and the 2nd qualifier filling in immediately to his/her left or right with no obvious gaps. The process continues until all 8 or 10 are lined up. The remaining drivers can pick any position on the back row, with the next highest qualifier picking first and so on.
  • If drivers are tied after heat racing action, the first tie breaker is the position finished in the most recent head-to-head heat race using more than one round if necessary. (Example: Driver A has 28 points; Driver B has 28 points. In Round 3 of heat races, both Driver A and B were in the same heat. Driver B finished 1st and Driver A finished 2nd. The tiebreaker would go to Driver B) If the tie cannot be broken using heat race results, a coin flip will determine the tie breaker.
  • If there is a tie for 1st place in the final points standing, 1st place will be awarded to the driver with the most final wins over the USSA ProStar Series season.  Second tie breaker, if needed, will be determined by the best qualifying points accumulated over the season. Third tie breaker, if needed, will be the finishing order of the last Final race of the season. If there is a tie for Positions 2 through 10, the position’s purse will be added together and split equally among the drivers.
  • All events will be counted in the season point total. Each heat/round will be pointed 10 points for 1st, 9 points for 2nd, 8 points for 3rd, etc.  Finals will be pointed 25 points for 1st, 22 points for 2nd, 20 points for 3rd, 18 points for 4th, 16 points for 5th, 15 points for 6th, 14 points for 7th, 13 points for 8th, 12 points for 9th, 10 points for 10th, 9 points for 11th, and 8 points for 12th.
  • To qualify for points in the final, a driver must successfully complete a minimum of one heat race and take the green flag in the final. DNFs will be scored in the race order. DNS receives no points, and anyone disqualified receives no points.


Section 2:     Race Rules and Technical Inspections

  • All races and rules will be governed by the rule book put forth by ISR. Tech Inspections, race order, lap adjustments, etc will be conducted by the sanctioning body running the event. The final decision on tech inspections will be with the sanctioning body. Normal ISR appeal rules will be in place.

Section 3:     Social Media Guidelines

  • Social Media is a great tool, but only when used properly. The USSA ProStar Series reserves the right to admonish anyone associated with USSA sanctioned ice oval racing for comments, statements, or visuals detrimental to the overall health of ice oval racing.
  • Drivers, teams, and sponsors of the ProStar Series are encouraged to share, like, and re-post any and all information provided through the social media channels of the USSA ProStar Series and the ProStar Cup Tour.
  • Should an individual driver, crew member or person associated with a particular race team violate the intent of a positive social media environment, the contents of this document will constitute the first warning. A request will be made to remove the content and the violation will result in an on-track punishment by placing the driver in the back row of the next final they qualify for. The second violation will result in the loss of all points for the current or immediately preceding Tour race date. A third violation will be consideration for suspension of undetermined severity.

Section 4:     Driver and Crew Conduct

  • To be eligible for points and payouts from the USSA ProStar Series, a driver MUST be registered with the Series 24 hours prior to the first race they enter. The registration MUST be fully completed on RaceDay with all pertinent contact information. Drivers are also responsible for updating email and contact information on their RaceDay profile on an annual basis.
  • Teams wanting to discuss on or off-track issues including race control, tech inspections, driver conduct and the like, will send the driver and only the driver to make the initial contact with the USSA ProStar Series race director. If the director deems necessary, other members of the race team may be consulted for clarification.
  • By nature, sports are competitive. Being the premier ice oval race series in north America, drivers and crew members are expected and required to hold themselves to a high standard of public etiquette. Respectful competition and respectful rivalries are expected and encouraged. Emotional outbursts and momentary displays of disappointment are acceptable.
  • The USSA ProStar Series will draw the line with obscene gestures, inappropriate applause for another team’s failure or misfortune, public outbursts involving race officials, etc. The USSA staff will be available for private discussion regarding issues at any time. Discussions can be held in a race trailer, tech building, or other private site out of the public eye.
  • Should an individual driver, crew member, or person associated with a particular race team violate the conduct policy, the contents of this document will constitute the first warning. The driver will receive a request to refrain from future similar activity and receive on-track discipline by placing the driver in the back row of the next final they qualify for. The second violation will result in the loss of all points for the current or immediately preceding Tour race date. A third violation will be considerations for suspension of undetermined severity.


When referencing USSA ProStar Series, the first contact will be the USSA Race Director. If the Director is not available, another Series representative will be appointed. The USSA ProStar Series strives to bring a professional product to various venues throughout North America. These guidelines set a course of expected action for conduct. Drivers, crew members, and individuals associated with a race team participating in a ProStar Cup Tour event are to look and act professionally during Tour timeframes.