News & Updates

Last year during the season on track situations caused additional rules to be established during the ISR rules session. These affect restarts, restart assistance, crews ability to work on sled, and driver repair of sled. These rules were generated from an incident at TLR event, not part of the USSA Prostar Series.

Restart assistance on the track:
With the Race Director’s permission, only one (1) crewmember (per snowmobile) will be allowed on the track in the event the competitor cannot start his/her snowmobile alone. No mechanical work can be performed by the crew member. He may assist the driver in starting the sled, by pulling the recoil device/rope, controlling throttle, applying choke/enrichner, or alternate fuel delivery squirt bottle, removing the hood, securing hood, and tether switch, handing safety and personal equipment to driver.

Fluid replenishment and inspection under red flag conditions:
(Oval Sprint) Under Red Flag conditions up to 3 pit crew members per sled are allowed on track to add slide lube and perform engine and radiator cooling functions to the sled. Upon be summoned to restart, all crew members shall leave the track surface except the designated crew member who assists in the engine starting procedure with the driver.

Driver repair of sled under red flag conditions:
Under the red or yellow flag, drivers only may work on their snowmobiles on the course proper and must use only parts and tools carried on the course by themselves, or contained on the vehicle at the beginning of the event/race. Race director has authority to indicate to driver which items are acceptable to carry on ones person, or must be compartmentalized in the vehicle. Note: Under Red or yellow Flag only. No work can be done during green flag racing.

Special Note: Drivers tools and repair parts must be compartmentalized in the sled chassis. Drivers are not allowed to carry specific tool items on their body, as this is considered a safety hazard during crash situations.

Ski Loop failure and disqualification rules updates were generated from a incident at a USSA TLR event but affects all classes except Outlaw.

Ski Loop Failure:
Ski loop failure during an event is a automatic mechanical black flag. The disqualification for the race will take place whether the driver is notified while on the track or not. This includes notification by Black Flag, notification by radio transmission, or verbal notification after the event either by the race director, flagman, or technical inspector.

Ski loop failure in a heat, round or final event results in a DQ (disqualification) from that particular event. In the case of rounds, drivers may repair and return to the next round of competition. In the case of race events that pay points or money for positions in rounds, drivers will be given the scoring position earned by the normal scoring procedure order of finish. In the case of race events that pay money for a all positions in a final, the driver will be given position earned in normal scoring procedure order of finish.

In the case of events with heats, DQ'd drivers will be allowed to repair and enter the final, only if positions are open on the line after normal scoring procedures for all other competitors is completed. These rules apply to all sleds in OVAL SPRINT COMPETITION. These rules do not apply to Outlaw 600 class.

New Safety Equipment requirements:
All oval classes except 120 will be required to wear operational race-ceivers during competition. This will allow the race director or his designate to communicate restart order, possible pending mechanical failures to drivers, and relay information on driver conduct during a event. This will be mandatory at all USSA events. Please source your race-ceiver locally and have with you at the track when competing. Since they are plentiful and used in most car racing organizations, obtaining one should be a simple task. USSA will keep several on hand in case yours fails during a event. Rental of the unit will be done by leaving your driver's license or a valid charge card with USSA, Rental will be $50.00 per event, if needed. Race-ceivers are normally sold in the $100.00 to $160.00 range depending on ear piece, so it is your best interest to obtain one before the season and have it ready with your helmet and Safe-Jac. USSA will stock spare batteries for sale for the units at $2.00 each. Please prepare ahead of time so you can comply with this new rule.

Example of Race Ceiver unit. This is From Speedway Motors Website for reference. Price: $99.99

Raceceiver FD1600+ Fusion Plus

The RACEceiver Fusion+ with New & Improved Features:
Button Lock
Louder Audio
Narrow Band Radio Compatible
The RACEceiver Fusion+ for Drivers is being mandated at short tracks all over the country. This small communication device is revolutionizing the industry, making the sport safer for both the drivers and officials. It saves time by allowing officials to talk to all the drivers at the same time and lets you get on to more racing. The officials can warn drivers about accidents or debris on the track.

Virtually all tracks and series today use frequencies between 450-470mhz, and the RACEceiver Fusion+ handles all of them! They are preprogrammed, just dial up the channel you need to use. The RACEceiver Fusion+ has a programmable default channel so that you can save the channel that your track is using. Also the NEW button lock feature prevents unwanted channel or volume changes. It’s small size, great price, and reception—make it a awesome value. Your RACEceiver Fusion+ comes with a holster clip, AAA battery and instructions. Be sure to pick the Earpiece that best suits your needs.

Helmet Certification:
ISR Certified helmet requirements are: SNELL 2015, or ECE 22.05 European.

Online Registration:
Online registration through "Race Day" will be required. We understand that at times people have varied from this procedure and the registration staff has accommodated the affected driver. This will no longer be allowed. Register and pay for your entry on line. Thank you.

ISR Insurance Card:
Drivers are required to purchase insurance and carry their ISR/USAC Insurance card. Insurance will be available to purchase after Nov 1, 2017 on the ISR website. special this year are rates for crew and media members, extra/excess coverage. Take advantage of it please.

Staff Card:
USSA staff will all be required to obtain a ISR/USAC card as proof of minimal coverage for accidents. This card will be no charge for USSA staff members. All Staff Members must apply and carry/display their card.

Membership Requirements:
TLR Drivers be aware that USSA requires a membership from all drivers competing in a USSA event. One event memberships are acceptable for TLR events for drivers who may not make all of the events in the series. Also be aware that this season venues on the TLR circuit may charge membership to participate for drivers and crew where historically there has not been a charge. Please plan and budget accordingly when traveling to other events.

Special Note:
The World Championship Snowmobile Derby event will not have an ASC membership charge and will be open to all drivers. USSA is a co-sanction partner with ASC will not have any charges to participate in the event for any driver.