About Us

The United States Snowmobile Association is the World's first and oldest snowmobile sanctioning body.

The USSA was founded in 1965 and sanctioned its first event at Crandon, Wisconsin in December of 1967. The year 2000 marked the beginning of the fifth decade for the organization. The USSA is the original and the only continuous snowmobile race sanctioning body since organized snowmobile racing began.

The founding charter called for the establishment of uniform racing rules, improvement of safety and to provide trained officials for organized racing.

The USSA has sanctioned events in 25 states and several Canadian Providence's across the snowbelt during its many years of existence. In the 60's and 70's it was not uncommon to have a dozen sanctioned races taking place on the same weekend in different sections of the country. In the late 60's there were 117 brands of snowmobiles powered by 26 different engines names and races were staged almost anywhere a group could gather. It soon became evident that competing with a sanctioned organization was important. It was there that you ran against better racers and if you won you had some real bragging rights. A uniform set of rules became important for the establishment of consistency in racing classes, verification of specifications and track safety.

The USSA continues to lead the way in the development of equitable competition and their rules are often implemented by other racing organizations in the sport.

The USSA now sanctions one event on any given day to assure the success of each race. A group of trained race directors supervise every event. Directors meet with local promoters to plan the building of each racetrack to maintain safety standards. Assistance is provided for event promotion and pre-race advertising.

Registration of entrants and the schedules are also handled by the USSA staff. On-track operations are managed by a trained and experienced crew to provide continuity and safety for the competitors. The technical inspection staff attends regular seminars to remain current on machine specifications and measuring equipment to assure that all regulations are enforced equally.

The USSA has led the way in the area of insurance coverage for its members. USSA has been the innovator in the use of safety shut-off switches on racing machines, as well as safety vest (approved upper body protection), leg guards, leather suits and approved helmets on drivers.

The association has the endorsement and full cooperation of the four major manufactures to stage quality events for race competitors, promoters and spectators. When you attend a USSA sanctioned event you are watching the best that the snowmobile racing world has to offer.